Bite-Sized Tips on eMobility and Vehicle Autonomy

With the automotive industry making giant strides in terms of software development and integration for autonomous, electric and connected mobility, it is imperative for aspiring engineers to stay abreast of these technologies beyond the fundamental concepts. This “Beyond Obvious” section aims at taking the readers one step beyond the fundamentals of engineering concepts. The section will also feature news updates about any advanced technologies in either of the aforementioned domains. 

Click on the links below for bite-sized information on the two most sought-after domains in the automotive industry today!

eMobility Controls

Dive into this section and learn about the various powertrain, chassis, and body control systems. Get an understanding of how these systems are developed, where they are used, and why they are essential.

Autonomous Vehicle Technology

Interested in knowing the variety of autonomous systems used in vehicles today, and how they are implemented? Navigate to this section that talks about everything related to autonomous vehicle technology.

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