Enroll for our five-month Learn & Intern program and get an opportunity to learn and implement Model-Based Development skills in industrial projects. Under this program, you will spend 1000 hours working with us on advanced projects in vehicle systems software. The program is divided into the learning phase and paid internship phase. The training phase is of 3 months where you will work with a mentor and the project phase is of 2 months where you’d work as an intern on one of the deliverables that Dorle Controls LLC is responsible for.

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You’ll get a certificate of participation/completion/excellence depending on your performance.

Learn and Intern Program benefits:

Improve your skills in planning, critical thinking, reasoning, and creativity.
Work on industry-oriented projects with advanced research-based learning
– Obtain work experience in the automotive domain and build a demonstrable project.
– One-one mentoring, lectures and guidance to do the project.
– Experience how a company solves real-life problems
Receive access to our research material

Program Details:
Program Duration: 5 months

For enrollment and more details email your resume to mayuri@dorleco.com with the subject ‘Learn & Intern’.
We intake only a limited number of seats that gets filled out well before the enrollment deadline, so make sure you register as early as possible.

We’re on a mission to empower the engineers with skills needed for future generation vehicles. Join our Learn and Intern Research-based Program and leave with skills crucial to carve a career in the automotive domain!

Learn & Intern – 2022


Total Fee for the Program – $3900
Enrollment Fee – $500
1st Installment – $1700
2nd Installment – $1700


What is the fee structure for the program?
The total fee is $3900.

Is financial aid available for the program?
a) If you are unemployed, $500 upfront and $3400 within 90days after you get a job
b) If you are employed, you can pay in three instalments $500, $1700, $1700

Who is eligible?
a) Anyone with a bachelors degree in Mechanical or E/E with basic knowledge of MATLAB Simulink
b) Fundamental concept of physics and dynamics
c) Coachable attitude, one who takes directions but does not need spoon-fed info

Do we need valid work authorization?
a) No for learning phase, yes for intern phase

How much would be the stipend during the internship?
$1000/month for initial two months with possibility of extension to another 3 months depending on project need

Is paid internship guaranteed if I enroll for learning?
Yes, if the fee is paid in full

What is the deadline for me to pay $3400?
Enrollment fee – $500
1st instalment – $1700
2nd instalment – $1700

How much time I will be spending with your team on daily basis apart from Zoom call sessions?
Zoom meetings are the only team meetings, the tasks assigned in the Zoom meetings must be done independently.

Are we supposed to work virtually to complete 400 hours?
This program is held complete virtually

Is it possible to waive $3400?

Daily how many hours we will be spending with Dorle Controls?
On average 1 to 2 hours

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