EduCase is a fully-configured prototyping device used for testing automotive controls software with in-built Dorleco Smart series hardware and pre-flashed supervisory controls software. It can be ordered in three different variants based on the customer’s specific requirements, of which one is a completely customizable option.


Rapid Prototyping Benchtop Test Box

EduCase is a test kit for rapid control prototyping of controls software for automotive applications. It includes built-in DORLECO smart series hardware and pre-flashed supervisory controls software. You will also get a list of experiments that you can run on your test bench. 

EduCase comes in three variants:

  • EduCase: for students who wish to program CAN-based systems mimicking ECU interaction in vehicles
  • ProCase: for professionals who wish to perform rapid control prototyping and unit tests for low voltage systems (ex. body or infotainment control)
  • CustomCase: for those who like to build their own stuff. Just order the parts on DORLECO and build your own version

Interested? You can pre-order any of the variants right away! In case of any doubts, write to