Overview: Dorle Controls works on automotive software controls development for the e-mobility sector. Our upcoming projects require working on developing the high and low voltage architecture for an electric vehicle, with particular focus on developing wiring schematics and harnesses. An electrical/electronics engineering intern is required for working on automotive wiring harness and automotive network systems in Windsor, Canada.

•Designing the HV and LV architecture for the electric vehicle
•Developing wiring schematics and harnesses in commercial software
•Developing BOMs for wire harnesses
•Ensuring products meet internal and customer requirements
•Create detailed documentation of E/E components, including detailed specification drawings and application specification documents.
•Ensuring functional safety requirements are met for all E/E components
•Assisting in HIL testing
•Validate design by making prototypes and performing testing.

•Must have knowledge dealing with in-vehicle networking and communication protocols (CAN/LIN/Ethernet/Flexray).
•Should have in-depth knowledge with automotive wiring, connectors and test bench, and a firm grasp on industrial wiring practices for vehicles.
•Knowledge of commercially available high-voltage DC connector systems and understanding of vehicle-mounted AC systems, grounding and signal noise mitigation is preferred.
•Background in electric vehicle safety system (isolation monitoring, HVIL) and autonomous vehicles and infotainment systems is a bonus.

Visa Details:
•Should have valid work authorization to work in USA

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