Overview: Dorle Controls works on automotive software controls development for the e-mobility sector. Our upcoming projects require working on network architecture, low-level driver software development, and AUTOSAR/BSW development for automotive sensors, actuators and controllers. For this purpose, two controls software interns are required with experience in AUTOSAR, BSW, MCAL in Novi, Michigan.

•Go through the controller documentation and get thorough understanding of features, interface details, programming details etc.
•Developing the AUTOSAR application software
•Configuring the BSW stacks for the control unit
•Developing and integrating complex device drivers with the software
•Create the detailed Test-Plan to validate the various features.
•Design, implement and validate the low-level software (embedded C, C++)
•Work closely with cross functional teams to integrate the hardware and software by setting up the required tool chain and development environments

•Must have knowledge of auto-generated software (MATLAB/Simulink)
•Must be proficient in working with CAN communication protocol
•Should have expertise in writing, debugging and testing embedded C software
•Should have strong development knowledge about CAN / CANFD / Flexray, UDS / KWP, SPI communication protocols
•Should have in-depth knowledge about diagnostic protocols like UDS
•Should have knowledge about Automotive ECU flashing and flashing tools
•Should have development knowledge about different microcontrollers (8/16/32 Bit)
•Knowledge in tools like CANalyser / CANoe/ Vehicle Spy is an added bonus

Visa Details:
•Should have valid work authorization to work in USA

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