H1B Visa Registration Terms and Process

H1B Visa Lottery Application Process

The application process for an H1B visa consists of three stages – registration, lottery selection, and filing of the petition. Registration involves submitting your information, such as personal details, work experience, employer identification number, educational background, etc., through an online portal.

You must also submit documents like passport numbers and relevant degree certificates at this stage. This is a mandatory step, and applicants who fail to register with USCIS are not eligible for the Visa.

The lottery selection process is conducted electronically by the Department of State. It randomly selects a certain number of applications from the pool of registered applicants based on the prevailing annual quotas. Successful registrations are then notified by USCIS and invited to submit their petition.

This stage requires the applicant to provide additional documents and information, like a job offer letter, salary details, and other supporting documents. If approved, the petition is forwarded to US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) for further processing.

The last phase involves verifying all necessary paperwork and following due procedure before granting the Visa. After being granted, the H1B visa is valid for three years and can be renewed for six years. It might be extended beyond that period in certain cases, such as those involving green card applications.

Registration Process for the H1B Visa Lottery

The USCIS holds the H1B lottery randomly post the closing date. The timelines for the H1B visa lottery start with filing H1B registration and end with the applicant’s working for the H1B sponsoring employer. Following are the steps and the specified dates for the H1B Visa FY 2023.

Step-1: Online USCIS Account

  • Dorleco will submit one registration per beneficiary they support through the online H-1B registration site.

Step 2: Registration & Fee Payment

  • The registration system opens on March 1, 2023, at noon EST. Dorleco will submit the registrant’s details.
  • Dorleco will charge a refundable admin processing deposit fee of $100. Note that this fee is refundable only if your application gets picked during the H1B lottery.
  • Please upload the payment confirmation to complete the application.

  • Incomplete applications shall not enter the lottery.

  • Lottery registration confirmation shall be provided within 48 hours after the application is processed.

Step-3: Registration Closed

  • On March 18, the H1B registration submission will be shut down.
  • Post that, registrations will not be accepted.

Step-4: Lottery Result Announcement

The lottery results will be declared on March 31. Petitions for chosen applicants are to be filed from April 1, 2023.

Step-5: Petition Window

The petition window stays open for 90 days from the date the H1B visa lottery results are declared.

Step-6: Submit Organization Information

Under the lottery process, which has stayed unaltered since last year, Dorleco will give specific, primary data about their organization and the mentioned H1B cap worker.

H-1B Lottery Results Date (Quick Recap)

Following is the list of important dates you must keep an eye out for.

February 22: Petitioners and registrants can begin creating H-1B registrant accounts at noon Eastern.

March 1: H-1B registration period opens for the 2023 HI-B lottery at noon Eastern.

March 18: H-1B registration period closes at noon Eastern.

March 31: H1B lottery 2023 results. By this date, USCIS intends to notify selected registrants.

April 1: The earliest date that FY 2023 H-1B cap-subject petitions must be filed.