Our features

Work with the best automotive engineers in Detroit!

Fast development

We understand that time is money and assure to save up to 27% on each project by employing only the experts in the field.

High retention

Up to 17% time and 14.5% budget is lost every year to retain the right talent, our 95% retention bring those numbers down to <6%.

1 + 2 = 40%

Our clients have enjoyed up to 40% budget savings while still not compromising on the best in class products and services.

Patent Winners

On an average, a Dorle engineer has 12 years of strong product development experience in the automotive industry. 

Our core engineering team based in Farmington Hills and Pune are industry award winners and multiple patent holders in the areas of powertrain, electrified vehicles, driver assistance systems and vehicle connectivity. So, when our clients engage with us they work with the difference makers and not with just another vendor.

Technical expertise

Our clients grab the amazing advantage of our competitive excellence, technical expertise and professionalism. With a wide range of services and the help of some of the most brilliant minds in the market, we are well equipped to give our clients that lift that takes the company to the next level. 

Years of experience

With years of valuable experience behind us, we possess the knowledge to deliver with the highest quality. We provide customized solutions and support throughout the different stages of the project.

Unrivalled quality

Dorle Controls relied on the quality and the potency of its technical abilities to assure their clients 20% reduction in development time and over 35% reduction in design costs for the last four consecutive years.

Values & Philosophy

We value ourselves as goal oriented and a customer satisfaction focused company. We put our client’s needs first while exhibiting an unalloyed expertise where our customers are concerned. With over years of experience under our names, we have every intention to keep our partners’ flag flying high!