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TVS Motor eyes a larger chunk of the market in the premium motorbike category

TVS Apache: TVS Motor anticipates that the growing affluence in India will lead to a larger share of the premium motorcycle market, which it hopes to capture. According to Vimal Sumbly, head of TVS Motor’s premium business, people travel and spend more due to improved infrastructure and incomes. The company wants to increase its market share by providing experiences and involvement in local projects in addition to bikes.

According to a senior executive of the two- and three-wheeler company, TVS Motor wants to increase its market share in the premium motorbike class, which they think is set to gain more traction due to the growing affluence of Indians.

In India, both the infrastructure and the amount of discretionary income are expanding quickly. After the TVS Apache RTR 310 was introduced in West Bengal, Vimal Sumbly, head of TVS Motor’s premium segment, told reporters in Kolkata that “people are exploring and spending more.” “Our goal in this category is to hold a larger market share…Our goal is to boost the number of luxury motorcycles in the nation,” he continued.

Sumbly added that people are increasingly purchasing experiences rather than products, especially members of Generation Z. Thus, to capitalize on the growing demand, TVS Motor plans to launch community initiatives, sell merchandise, provide a variety of accessories and customizations, and provide luxury bikes.

“There’s a lot of momentum, and this premium market is expanding between 10% and 15% annually. Currently, TVS has the second position in the Indian two-wheeler market, with the premium sector accounting for 16–17% of total sales, according to him.

TVS Motor now provides high-end motorbikes with displacements between 160 and 310 cc thanks to the arrival of the TVS Apache RTR 310 to its lineup.

With a global sales volume of one million each year, TVS exports its two-wheelers across all categories to over 55 countries, and the company is eager to increase its market share, he continued.

“We want to expand the volume of the premium market with this new introduction. With our new launch RTR 310, we will soon be traveling to Latin America,” Sumbly declared.


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