We are looking for a control algorithm and software development engineer who will be responsible for designing, developing and validating controls algorithms to meet functional, regulatory and safety requirements for automotive applications.


  • Design and develop control algorithms using model based development techniques.
  • Create requirements for implementing these algorithms into powertrain/transmissions and driver assist software.
  • Generate code in C/C++ for ECM/TCM/PCM architectures
  • Perform verification and validation of these algorithms using hardware-in-the-loop and on the vehicle.
  • Establish and execute design verification plans for control logic development.
  • Conduct design failure mode effects analysis for robustness.
  • Support transmission/powertrain calibration efforts by contributing to calibration guide development.

Required Qualifications & Skills:

  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical/Electrical/Electronics/Computer Engineering or Automotive Engineering.
  • Good overall knowledge of transmission, powertrain, driver assist and/or other vehicular control systems.
  • Knowledge of model based development cycle.
  • Knowledge of standard controls methods, modeling, simulation, development, testing, and validation.

Desired Qualifications & Skills:

  • A well rounded understanding of gasoline engines, transmission control systems and advanced driver assist technologies.
  • Awareness of standard MBD practices.
  • Completion of Model It Yourself (MIY) series https://dorleco.com/product/miy-full-series/