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Auto retails grow 21% in Dec 2023; CY2023 growth at 11%; outlook remains positive: FADA

Indian Auto retail witnessed a 21% YoY increase in December 2023, contributing to a cumulative 11% boom for the complete calendar year. In December, all categories, along with 2W, 3W, PV, Trac, and CV, recorded nice YoY boom fees of 28%, 36%, 3%, zero.2%, and 1.Three%, respectively. The Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA) released Vehicle Retail Data for December 2023 and the calendar year 2023, highlighting the sturdy overall performance throughout diverse segments.

For 2Ws, elements along with an abundance of marriage dates, distribution of harvest payments, a wide variety of fashions, favorable weather, and high-quality marketplace sentiment brought about an increase of 28%. The 2W class closed the year with a cumulative boom of nine. Five, driven by using improved product acceptance, appealing financial alternatives, and anticipation of fees will increase in January 2024.

Commercial Vehicles (CV) experienced effective growth because of elevated business pastime and infrastructure development, resulting in better calls for M&HCVs. The bus segment additionally saw an increase in tourism and transportation. The PV class, particularly SUVs, witnessed robust demand fueled by using 12-month-quit promotions and the advent of the latest fashions. However, issues persist concerning high stock degrees, emphasizing the want for effective stock management by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Looking ahead, the CV category is predicted to continue growing in January, driven by using strong calls for, government regulations, and infrastructural initiatives. The PV segment will attention to clearing pending bookings and launching new 2024 models, despite demanding situations associated with excessive inventory levels and transferring consumer choices toward SUVs.

Despite a forecasted section of decreased calls at some stage in the Kharmas period (December 16, 2023, to January 15, 2024), the industry remains cautiously positive. The release of the latest models is expected to maintain marketplace enthusiasm, emphasizing the significance of powerful delivery and inventory control, mainly within the PV category. Additionally, an increase in interest rates for auto retail finance may doubtlessly have an impact on market dynamics.

Long-time period Perspective

In the outlook for the calendar year 2024, the Auto retail zone foresees a superb trajectory throughout its diverse classes:

Two-wheelers: The zone anticipates a boost from the creation of new fashions, especially within the first half of the 12 months. A standard improvement in financial conditions, alongside improved participation in electric-powered motors (EVs), is expected to contribute to positive growth. Factors together with stepped-forward patron sentiments, stimulated by way of decreased gasoline costs and crop bills to farmers, are likely to force demand.

Commercial motors: A fantastic outlook is driven by using expectancies of heightened authorities spending due to elections, infrastructural initiatives, and demand in important industries inclusive of coal, cement, and iron ore. Additionally, the market is poised to enjoy the alternative of older cars.

Passenger cars: Growth within the passenger automobile segment is anticipated with the creation of new merchandise and solid marketplace sentiments. Optimism surrounds progressed vehicle availability and demand driven by new models, which include the ones from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) getting into the electric automobile area. However, caution is recommended concerning extra inventory and the significance of aligning manufacturing with actual market demand.

Recent trends, reflected in the CMIE Index of Consumer Sentiments for December 2023, imply a great rebound in Indian consumer sentiment. The index has surpassed stages found earlier than the country-wide lockdown in March 2020, achieving figures closing in February 2020. With this resurgence in customer self-belief, the forecast for the calendar 12 months of 2024 is notably positive. Each sector inside the car Auto retails grew 21% in Dec 2023 enterprise is poised for growth, navigating through dynamic market situations. Nevertheless, FADA emphasizes the pivotal function of meticulous supply and inventory management, underscoring their significance in fully capitalizing on the nice trends anticipated inside the new calendar year.

Key Findings from the FADA Online Members Survey

As of the end of December 2023:

The average inventory for Passenger Vehicles ranges from 55-fifty to eight days.

Average stock for Two-Wheelers tiers from 15 to twenty days.

Liquidity: Good 44.Seventy six%; Neutral 39.Sixteen%; Bad sixteen.08%.

Sentiment: Good forty-seven.55%; Neutral 36.01%; Bad sixteen. Forty three%.

Expectations for January:

Growth: fifty-eight. 74%

Flat: 33.92%

De-increase: 07.34%



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