Expedite your Prototype Build Process with our Flex-Facility

Prototyping allows development teams to run multiple software checks on the target hardware. Our expertise with integration on subsystem and the system level, in addition to the presence of our flex facility, can add valuable support to your development processes.

Prototype Build

Bring your design to life

Merely developing application software for control features is seldom enough; validation through integration testing allows developers to factor in the real-life constraints and effects of certain assumptions made during simulation and design. Prototyping allows the development team to get the design onto target hardware and run multiple tests for component testing, communication networks, and subsystem and system-level integration. Our familiarity with combining all these practices and performing full-vehicle integration can be crucial in helping you stick to your timelines.

E/E Network Integration

Communication & Diagnostics Integration

Mechanical & Thermal Integration

Full Vehicle Integration