Test Your Systems at Model, Code, Chip, or Vehicle Level

It is important to have test benches set up at every phase of the development process. V&V at every development stage can help you stick to your deadlines without compromising on any reliability and safety standards. Our rapid control prototyping expertise will help overcome development hurdles from an early stage.

Verification and validation

V&V Solutions throughout the design phase

Thorough testing at the system and subsystem level helps identify and resolve the control model’s potential problems at early stages while optimizing the cost of software development. This has given rise to the importance of in-loop solutions for verification and validation specific to your setup and application. From checking whether your simulation model is giving the desired results to integrating the hardware on the test bench or into your vehicle, we ensure that the quality and reliability of the system is maintained throughout.

Software Testing at Subsystem Level

Functional Testing and Validation

Integration Testing at System Level

Rapid Control Prototyping