Get Assistance with Vehicle Communication Protocols and Diagnostic Services

Need help with network integration for in-vehicle communication protocols? We provide a variety of diagnostic and communication services, from reverse engineering, stack development and integration to onboard data acquisition and monitoring. 

Vehicle Communication And Diagnostics

Vehicle Communication And Diagnostics

With the focus of the industry leaning heavily towards electronically controlled architectures, the communication between the powertrain, body, and chassis components needs to be robust. This includes the implementation of standard communication protocols such as CAN, LIN, Ethernet, and FlexRay, as well as conveying the faults and potential risks to the safety systems. Diagnostic requirements like onboard diagnostics for real-time data monitoring, vehicle network reverse engineering, predictive maintenance, and telematics require robust solutions customized to the clients’ requirements. 

CAN Reverse Engineering

Communication Integration

Communication Stack Development

Onboard Diagnostics & Monitoring