Modular portable hardware and open sourced software platform for EV controls engineers.

Easily connect all the provided EV components, use pre built Simulink based software to build your own features, flash the VCU and control any EV function.

Code. Integrate. Control.

Built by engineers for engineers


Fastrack your software defined EV product line to market with easy to integrate SmartBench e/e and pre built software for Powertrain, Chassis and Body controls. Save thousands of HIL test dollars.


Ideal EV e/e & software set up for hands on learning experience for all levels of professionals and students in the embedded controls domain.

SmartBench is available in four variants:

  • EDU: Best for students who wish to program CAN-based EV systems mimicking ECU interaction with the E/E network in vehicles
  • EZ: For professionals who wish to perform rapid control prototyping and software integration tests for low voltage systems 
  • PRO: For implementation of advanced connectivity, high voltage system controls and multiple CAN/Wifi/GPS/LTE/LIN channels 
  • CUS: Bespoke hardware and software configuration for your application

How SmartBench Works?

Use Cases


SmartBench EDU offers a hands-on experience for engineering students and helps accelerate the transition to software-defined vehicles, preparing students for the future of automotive engineering. It serves as a powerful educational tool that enhances curriculum in the field of automotive engineering, specifically focusing on automotive e/e & software. SmartBench is ideal for educators looking to provide a “plug and play” EV kit for impparting practical knowledge in advanced EVs, fast-tracking EV control development, and enabling students to master model based controls design technique using industry tools. 


SmartBench is a versatile hardware and software platform designed to cater to industry professionals in the automotive controls sector. It offers easy to use advanced tools for developing new features, algorithms, safety functions as applied to EV e/e software, embedded systems, and real time control systems.  By customizing and scaling for applications ranging from 2W-3W-4W EVs to Marine, Mining, Agriculture, and Aerospace, SmartBench accelerates the transition to software-defined vehicles by providing all the necessary hardware and software tools under one roof.

Key Features

Hands-on E/E, Software and CAN communication learning:

SmartBench allows users to gain practical experience in EV e/e, software development & CAN/Ethernet/LIN based communication. This hands-on approach accelerates learning and fosters a deeper understanding of industry-standard tools and practices.

Pre built EV hardware and software

Leverage all-encompassing hardware and software toolkit needed to develop reliable EV control functions faster. Build your own Simulink based controls quicker on top of the pre built experiments and perform software integration tests 10x cheaper.

Fast Charging and Connectivity:

SmartBench Pro brings fast charging PLC, connectivity options like WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE, GPS/GNSS and high voltage systems as in actual EV to your desktop. Stay ahead of the game with the most advanced feature development tools available with engineering support.

Customization and Scalability:

Customize the SmartBench to mimic 2W-3W-4W, marine, Mining, Aerospace, Drone, Construction or MIcromobility vehicle applications byt easily changing the hardware and software configurations. Add and remove e/e peripherals easily and test the software in just a few clicks.

SmartBench Variants

SmartBench EDU

₹ 49,999.00

SmartBench EZ

SmartBench PRO

Enhance your SmartBench with Automotive Grade Components

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