Make Your Design Decisions Easier with our System Simulation Support

While designing powertrain and chassis components, it becomes imperative to simulate the systems in a virtual environment before going to the physical test bench. This helps deal with fault management and safety at a system and subsystem level before integrating the software with the hardware. We provide various simulation services that you can leverage in your development phase. 

System Simulation

Simulate. Analyze. Develop.

While developing controls software for eMobility applications, performing system simulation is extremely crucial. Our full-vehicle plug-and-play simulator, with an intuitive and easy-to-use graphical interface, is very effective in tackling sizing and component selection hurdles. Decreasing the timelines for the development and testing of advanced driver-assist systems is becoming imperative, and this is where our experience with virtual scenario generation and driver-in-loop simulation comes into the picture. 

Real-Time Driver-in-Loop Simulations

Powertrain Component Modelling and Sizing

ADAS Driving Scenario Designer

Plug-and-Play Full Vehicle Simulator