Over speeding accounted for 71.2% of total deaths in road accidents

Overspeeding accounted for 71.2% of total deaths in road accidents, says MoRTH

In comparison to 2021, there were 11.9% more road accidents in 2022, and there were also 9.4% and 15.3% more fatalities and injuries.

In the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’ annual report on accidents for 2022, it was found that ‘overspeeding’ was responsible for 72.3% of all road accidents, 71.2 percent of all fatalities, and 72.8% of all injuries.

It also said that, at 19.5%, “Hit from Back” incidents accounted for the highest percentage of all accident-related deaths, followed by “Hit and Run” accidents (18.1%) and “Head on Collision” accidents (15.7%).

‘Overspeeding’ was the primary infraction linked to accidents, fatalities, and injuries in 2022, according to the study on traffic accidents caused by different kinds of infractions.

In the calendar year 2022, states and union territories reported a total of 4,61,312 road accidents, which resulted in 1,68,491 fatalities.

Road accidents climbed by 11.9% in 2022 compared to 2021, while the corresponding increases in fatalities and injuries were 9.4% and 15.3%, respectively.

“Driving on the wrong side” accounted for 4.9% of all traffic incidents in 2022, making it the second-highest cause of all accidents.

When drinking, drugs, jumping red lights, and using a cell phone are combined with drunk driving, they account for 7.4% of all accidents and 8.3% of all fatalities.

The remaining categories, which would comprise factors like the state of the vehicles, the road conditions, etc., were responsible for 18.2% of accidents, 18.1% of fatalities, and 18.1% of injuries.

50,029 persons died in 2022 as a result of not wearing helmets; of these, 35,692 (71.3%) were drivers and 14,337 (28.7%) were passengers.

Similarly, 16,715 persons who did not use seat belts died within the same period. Eight, 384 (50.2%) of the 16,715 were drivers, and the remaining 8,331 (49.8%) were passengers.

According to the yearly report, 42,303 persons who were hurt in traffic accidents in 2022 did not use seat belts, and 1,01,891 people who were injured in traffic accidents did not wear helmets.

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