Vehicle Control Systems for Everybody (VCSE) for Professionals




An opportunity to interact with our engineers and attend sessions with industry experts is here for you! “Vehicle Control Systems for Everybody”, a task-based learning program. Work on industry-relevant projects and learn to create vehicle system models, perform simulations, test and analyze the results through the VCSE program. The candidates will spend 200 hours working on a project in the domain of Autonomous Systems or eMobility Controls.

Get certified with Professional Development Hours (PDH) and Continuing Education Units (CEU) from IEEE!


Program Details:

If you have any queries, please write to us at with the subject ‘Vehicle Control Systems for Everybody (VCSE)’

We’re on a mission to empower the engineers with skills needed for future generation vehicles. Join our Vehicle Control Systems for Everybody Task-Based Learning Program and leave with skills crucial to carve a career in the automotive domain!


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