Simulation & Controls

We provide model based design solutions to larger automotive companies in the USA and India. Ask for our Modular Electric Vehicle model that is easy to configure across variety of vehicle sizes and provides accurate results.

Embedded Software

We deliver all layers of VCU software right from high level applications to RTE, ECU abstraction, microcontroller abstraction down to low level drivers for both legacy and AUTOSAR architectures.


We know that good understanding of the problem is half the solution and that’s our key to saving the development time & eventually the cost. We employ Agile or V cycle to continuously test using SIL MIL PIL and HIL

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Automotive Engineering Services

We’re an automotive engineering ‘solutions’ and ‘resources’ company based in Detroit.

We deliver robust technology solutions & provide adept engineering resources to leverage embedded systems software, simulation, control and testing efforts in Powertrain, ADAS, Chassis, Body and Transmission control systems for suppliers, startups and OEMs.

Delivered Projects

We work on delivered project-based assignments with agile or V cycle development techniques to design and develop complete or elements of the projects in the areas of eMobility, Autonomous Systems, Model-Based Design and Simulation.

T&M Engineering

We provide engineering resources with a diverse skillset, education, experience and cultural mix on time-and-material basis for work that needs to be handled on-site at client location.

IEEE-Certified Trainings

We offer a wide range of training services for technologies including ADAS, Electrification, Powertrain, Automatic transmission controls, Connected vehicles, Chassis controls in functions such as AUTOSAR, Functional safety compliance, MBD, Embedded software, SIL, MIL, Physics-based modelling, Simulation, Systems, & rapid prototyping.

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We Have The Solution

At Dorle, we understand the inherent problems most companies in the automotive industry face today. This is the very reason we are here for. 

Companies no longer need to worry about their inability to afford an in house team or a lack of engineers with the right skill set to execute complex projects.