SmartCase Pro (Vehicle Control Unit)

Here’s our first Vehicle Control Unit for electric mobility supervisory control applications with fully-built base software and Simulink-based application development. This VCU can be adapted to multiple use cases and comes with a multicore processor and CAN, CANFD, and CANopen communication protocols. It is ISO26262 ASIL D and AUTOSAR Classic compliant and EMC certified.  

SmartCase Pro (Vehicle Control Unit)

Automotive Grade VCU for Electric Vehicle Supervisory Controls

Developed for safety-critical applications, the DORLECO Smart VCU is an automotive-grade control unit with a single-board computer that directly interfaces with the microprocessor. Integrate all existing tools and quickly process and upload project data to iterate control design over-the-air. Can be used for passenger and commercial vehicles (class 2-8), tractors, electric boats, 2/3-wheelers as well as micromobility services.

How SmartCase VCU Works?

Wiring Harness

You can also buy a wiring harness with the SmartCase for easy testing and prototyping. The harness will provide all connections to the C1 and C2 pins, a Network connection cable, and a power connection with a latching switch on the ignition input pin.

Interested in adding the wiring harness to your order of the SmartCase Pro? Drop an email to for details.