An off-the-shelf controller with flashed software ready to be installed in electric trucks.


Plug-and-play Vehicle Control Unit with Pre-Flashed Software

Developed for safety-critical applications, the DORLECO TruckCase is an off-the-shelf solution suitable for electric vehicle supervisory controls applications. It comes with pre-flashed blackboxed software that interfaces with a number of peripherals (listed below) and a free calibration tool. 

See Supported E/E Components Below:
  • Orion Ewert Energy System
  • E-Matrix 
  • EMUS G1 Control Unit (CU021A)
  • EVTech (2-in-1 OBC+DCDC)
  • EDN (EVO11K)
  • Cascadia Motion PN: G4-0018-01
  • EVTech (2-in-1 OBC + DCDC)
  • Inmotion
  • Allison eGen Power 100D
  • Curtis 1232E/34E/36E/38E
  • Sevcon Gen4
  • ASI BAC 8000
  • Cascadia IM 225
  • Mitsubishi (EV36BNx)
  • Bendix
  • Mitsubishi EWH40Dx
  • Modine EVantage System
  • EMP WP29
  • Bosch PCE-XL Water Pump (G4-0032-01)
  • JTEKT Power Steering Pump
  • Terzo
  • New Eagle MPDM
  • Hex Purus
  • Dorleco SmartView
  • VEECAN 500/700

Don’t see a suitable component in the list below? Get in touch with us and get a customized black-box solution!