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Honda to invest in EVs plans to launch 5 SUVs in India

The Tokyo-based corporation plans to introduce electric vehicles to India over the next three years, and it will invest in the following market segments: Mibe Toshihiro

Honda Motor Company intends to introduce new SUVs in the electric vehicle (EV) market in addition to making investments in the electrified car sector in India.

Over the next three years, the Tokyo-based company hopes to introduce electric vehicles (EVs) to India. Toshihiro Mibe, President and Representative Director of Honda Motor Company Ltd. made this announcement to reporters at the company’s global headquarters.

According to Mibe, the corporation has developed a growth strategy with precise targets for 2030, 2035, and beyond. He also stated that regional management will develop a plan. The market in India is quite large. The electric vehicle market is expanding quickly for both motorbikes and cars.

Honda “basically believes that an alliance is good” and is open to forming partnerships with companies in the automotive and two-wheeler industries worldwide. Alliances are possible as long as there is a win-win scenario, according to Mibe.

The company maintains continuous partnerships. Early in 2026, Honda, GM, and Cruise intend to introduce a driverless ride-hailing service in Japan utilizing the Cruise Origin.

In terms of size, Honda’s Indian market comes in at number seven. Honda introduced Elevate, an Urban SUV, in addition to its two sedan models available in India.

Also read: Takuya Tsumura, President & CEO of Honda Cars India, stated that an all-electric version of the company’s elevator, which has previously been introduced, will be unveiled within the next three years. Honda vehicles will never exit the Indian market.

“Honda Elevate offers outstanding value to our evolving customers and has the potential to become a key pillar of Honda’s business in India,” he continued. According to him, Honda intends to release four additional electric SUVs by 2030. Going forward, Honda will be making strategic and investment decisions in tandem with the expansion of the Indian market.

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